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Originally Posted by Paul53 View Post
I've seen a few references to this on other threads but nothing definitive. The car has 57,000 miles and I occasionally get a shudder or chatter at low revs taking off from a stop. Seems a little worse when the engine/tranny is warm. It also is getting worse as the miles accumulate. I've heard 3 different theories:

- clutch surface is glazed and the cure would be to more forcefully engage the clutch (less slippage)

- clutch surface has some deposits on it from rough engagement and the cure would be to aggressively slip the clutch to wear off the deposit

- UUC ad in Bavarian Autosport catalog blames flaws in the dual-mass flywheel. Cure, naturally, is a new UUC clutch and flywheel.

Anyone have any ideas or - even better - experience with this issue and a satisfactory solution?

Thanks for your help.
im having this same problem, i took out my exhaust and wen i rebolted it, the sound got worse. now i can only hear it bad when i put my a/c on. i have a feeling its just something touching the exhaust manifold and making it rattle.