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Originally Posted by OneM View Post
Thanks for sharing.. great write-up sparoz. I've actually been eyeing the evolve-r for some time now. Two things has been holding me back though, first I'd probably have to change the charge-pipe with this tune and the other has to do with the way I drive the car. I'm more of a cruiser once I get up to speed, but at the lights I'm always the first one to go, ..1st and 2nd gear rather spiritedlly. Time to time, I'll get the occasional drag with another car so WOT on 1st and 2nd gear is just as common for me. Question: Is it safe to go WOT in 1st and 2nd gear with the Evolve-R? What happens the rear wheels keep spinning or does the traction control take care of it?
Thanks sparoz.
traction control takes care of it... but it will make you slower. Just modulate with your right foot, this will be faster, for sure faster then stock. In the higher gears the difference becomes much more clear though, as in 1st and 2nd you just will be not be able to put the power down.
I am sure that most of the drivers with Evolve (or other tunes) have not upgraded the charge pipe. Having issues with it seems to be random. (some people have it pop off stock, other ones drive stage 3 without issues)