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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
Intercoolers are more about warding off heat soak and maintaining power than they are about increasing power.

An upgraded intercooler is essential if you track your car.

When you say essential, is it just common knowledge that the IC upgrade is necessary for people who track their car? I am not trying to prove you wrong or anything, rather I am uneducated on the matter. While it seems like a very wise upgrade for track folks, at what point does it become essential?

I have tracked the 1M a few times, have at least two more events planned before the end of the year, maybe a few more. To this point I have noticed no over heating or any ill effects from what I can tell and I am tracking in a very hot climate. That said I am not pushing my car anywhere near the limit I am sure some people are. I am new to tracking, and to the 1M.

My car is 100% stock right now. Thinking of addressing a few things (square wheels/tires, brake, maybe camber plates to name a few) next year before the track events get rolling in the spring. Should I consider an intercooler as well?