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Originally Posted by lcrain View Post
When you say essential, is it just common knowledge that the IC upgrade is necessary for people who track their car? I am not trying to prove you wrong or anything, rather I am uneducated on the matter. While it seems like a very wise upgrade for track folks, at what point does it become essential?

I have tracked the 1M a few times, have at least two more events planned before the end of the year, maybe a few more. To this point I have noticed no over heating or any ill effects from what I can tell and I am tracking in a very hot climate. That said I am not pushing my car anywhere near the limit I am sure some people are. I am new to tracking, and to the 1M.

My car is 100% stock right now. Thinking of addressing a few things (square wheels/tires, brake, maybe camber plates to name a few) next year before the track events get rolling in the spring. Should I consider an intercooler as well?

Essential from the perspective of maintaining power (and lap times), not essential from a safety perspective.

The DME is extraordinarily sophisticated and gives the car strong "self-preservation" powers.

As intake air temps rise (as they surely will under heavy load at the track), the DME will pull timing -- thereby reducing power -- to keep everything safe.