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Don't ever let them wash it...they scratch the hell out of your finish. Even the brand new 2013 cars on the lot are covered in swirls! Forget the CPO cars on the lot...they have horrific Holograms and Swirls!!

Don't let them ever wash your car. Their detail jobs are the worst though.
You know the deal, quick in and out. cut corners. pressed for time..move on to the next car.

My car was recently in for service and they courtesy washed my car even after I told them not to. Oh well. I didn't notice much damage though thankfully..just some more swirls then there was before. Recently I completed a paint correction with clay, paint cleaner and 2 types of polishes/glazes. (No wax or sealant yet tho!)

Good Luck. Definately try total auto wash and then add some light polish. If you don't have any go to your local auto parts store for some OTC polish(paint cleaner). I've used Mothers pre wax cleanser on my wheels before sealant. Efficient performing product. It does what they say it does...Does the same job as the Zymol HD cleanse and Prima Amigo paint cleaners, which are my top 2 favorite polishes ever.

If you are looking for a speedy easy leather cleaner/conditioner product...apply Armor All leather care gel bi-monthly for easy care of your leather interior. Leaves no greasy look or smell. Cleans and conditons your seats. It's my go-to maintenance leather care product. I use it monthly ..applying a light application each time. Great product to have. Don't let the poor Armor All mtyhs and reputation scare you away. It works great for leahter maintenance care.
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