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The backing plates and counter weights aren't a safety risk at all. You can run on the track and you're perfectly safe. The OEM plates and weight are there as a measure for NVH...noise vibration harshness....they're designed to help the brakes squeal less. The OEM backing plates really do anything to block any sort of heat transfer. They're too thin and don't dover the entire back of the pad. For heat blockage you need to run the TI shims...or better yet save yourself time and rebuild you calipers using the racingbrake pistons.

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Damn. I realize that all the counter weights and all those stuff's also off the rear pads. this is ridiculous. I highly doubt I can replace any of these stuff without buying new OEM pads... damn sh_t. The shop guy is half a friend of mine, I don't even know what to say to him now... it's gonna cost me $200+ and labor to get all the backings on. to make matter worse, I have a track day coming up next Monday and there's no way I'll be able to get all the backing plates on hand and installed before then. Is the car safe to track if I don't have any of the backing plates on?
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