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Does anyone know if you need to get the chrome 1M "badge" for the 1M front fenders? Will the 1M front fenders still look OK without it? I'm not considering spending this kind of money to be a "1M poser"; I need wider tires up front and after my ER WB FE kit fell through this past Spring, I'm still left with destroying brand new front tires in less than 1 day when I attend BMW CCA or PCA events.

To keep costs down, I am not considering the 1M rear; just the font-end. With my 135 ARC-8 wheels I can already fit 275's in the rear.

In reading through this thread and checking out the links, can anyone confirm or let me know if I am missing anything parts/component-wise for me to pursue and complete my 1M front-end conversion onto my 135?

1M Front Bumper
1M Front Ducting & brackets
1M Front Fenders
1M Front wheel well liners
1M Side Skirts
1M Chrome "Badges" for front fenders (are these needed?)

Am I missing anything? Thx.