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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Now... for you guys who have done the CDV... you NEED the BMW Performance SSK. 55mm throws instead of 800mm throws! This will really make yourself wonder why BMW did not make the car with it!

As for the notchness... yea... mine is a little notchy still in 1st and 2nd gears. Even though I just changed my trans fluid... I am thinking about switching to Red Line's D4-AFT... bc it is known to make the trans shoft lighter/smoother. Atleast that is what I felt with my old e36 when I switched to it.

+1 on the SSK... I had mine done yesterday and it's night and day! The shifting is a lot snick-snickier than it was before, and it's just more fun to drive.

Seems like a 30-40% reduction in throw. I did not swap out the knob and boot; I ordered only the 'hard' parts. Dackel thanks for your advice on the SSK; it's advice worth taking, OP.
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