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Need intelligent suggestions - to improve my 1/4 mile performance

I know Dinan has a bad rap because it's costly. Most say it's a more conservative tune which also honors BMW warranty. For this reason, I had a Stage 2 Dinan software installed on my car. This is the only mod I am running. I have yet to install aftermarket intercooler, Intake, exhaust, etc. It's all stock with exception of the Stage 2 Dinan tune.

Went to Budd's Creek this last friday and ran the following:
3 Runs (this was my first time ever at a track)

1st Run- 13.268 @ 108.02, 60' time was 2.245 and 1/8 mile time was 8.689

2nd Run- 12.984 @ 107.62, 60' time was 2.012 and 1/8 mile time was 8.391

3rd Run- 12.980 @ 108.53, 60 ' time was 2.060 and 1/8 mile time was 8.436

Would like someone to give me their opinion on my performance and also on my Next Mods??. Oh, I did have a set of Toyo R1Rs on the rear wheels.

I am not looking forward on buying the Dinan Intercooler and Intake because they are COSTLY!!! Also my car is at almost 50K so I'm not too worried about the warranty anymore. I am however thinking about upgrading to the Stage 3 tune but would need a larger intercooler (however it doesn't have to be Dinan). For Stage 3 upgrade it only costs approx 350.00 dollars (since I have already bought the Stage 2, you just pay the difference between #2 and #3 stages.

Does anyone have an oppinion on best way to get my car to run a little faster. Lastly, although 60 ft times were worse on my last run, the car was a lot cooler due to the track being down for a crash for about an hour, hence, I had more power on the 3rd run and still manage to beat my 2nd run quarter mile time.

Looking fwd to your suggestions, thx.