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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
Oh I see. I saw that yes but hoped that future replica's could be on the cards

I've seen that, looks good but people's reviews are either good or bad regarding the work needed to make it fit. Some people grind it a little and it fits well, others have to hack it to death and it still doesn't line up. For the price though, should you expect that? I guess.

We have two lips available over here, Kerscher or an iCarbon copy which I am not keen on. The lastest generation of BMW's aren't that well supported but if you've got an E36/46, you're covered for all area's. I suspect the E9x/E8x will be the same in 2-3yrs when it's totally obsolete.
I hear you! I I'd stay far away from that lip. I know a guy locally that has it and it it just doesn't fit!