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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
What kind of pads are you running?

I noticed on mine that the 3mm holes are about 1mm or 1.5mm smaller bc of brake dust. I was going to use a 3mm allen/hex tool to clean put the "holes".
All OEM installed by the dealer. Ill try and hook up the pressure washer and give that a go...

I will follow up with a thread tittle: Pressure washed all the paint off my calipers...


And I tried a tool to "poke" all the dust out and after the third hole i said the hell with it. Its almost impossible with the wheel still on and Im not sitting there for hours doing it... no other drilled and slotted rotors ive ever owned did this. not even a friends ebay 100 dollar ones. lol... it must be to mountains of bmw brake dust build up they didnt account for. they should re-engineer those pads for less dust or make the drilled holes bigger! i give up!