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Winter Tires Assistance / Opinions Requested...

I want to say I have done quite a lot of research for the past 2-3 weeks and have my mind set on two different tires.

Some Basic Info:
- 2011 135i Manual Transmission
- I live in Canfield, OH & work in Niles, OH (Considered in the lake effect snow belt area, although didn't get a lot of snow last year) So daily commute is about 16 miles
- GF lives in Cleveland, OH. So 2x a week, I'm driving to Cleveland (~50 odd miles one-way)
- Car is a lease. Ends next August
- Going square on OEM M Rims (225/40 R 18) as recommended by TireRack.
- Car is also my daily driver

So I didn't want to go the BRAND NEW Tires / Wheel route, since the lease will end and my car will only see 1 winter. Therefore I went the CL or Used route and have narrowed my choice to these 2 (based on price / convenience)...

Option 1:
4 Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Tires (practically brand new). Owner claims that because of the less snow last year, they only saw ~1000 miles.
Price: $500 for all 4 tires (Negotiated to $400)

Option 2:
Person is selling 3 Michelin Alpin PA3 Tires. I have negotiated to $150 (plus I will have to pay shipping) for the 3 tires. (Have yet to send payment)
Plus I will have to purchase 1 more tire. He sent me pictures of the tires. (see attached). I'm assuming shipping will be ~$20 a tire. So $210 for 3 tires + $208 for a brand new tire from Tirerack, unless I can find a used / cheap one locally.
So approx. cost will probably be around $400 give or take.

So given my driving habits / geographic condition, which tires should I go for? (Assuming that according to the pictures the tread on the Alpin PA3s is good)... I really don't want to spend more than $350 and I'm stretching a bit here to go $400.

I'd like an unbiased / honest opinion. If you were in my situation (where your car will only see 1 winter) what's a cost effective way to make sure you keep this thing on the road?

I will highly appreciate your input here...

Thank You
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