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Originally Posted by MM135 View Post
Hi All,

Just did my first autocross this past weekend (Got 1st place in Class and 2nd place overall for "Novice" WOO!!!) and i am HOOKED!

Up-to this point i have done nothing to improve the handling of my 1er, only the power - In light of my new addiction i now want to make my car purpose built to Autocross while still being my DD.

With that - I just bought a new set of Wheels/Tires 225's in front and 255's in back to get rid of my stock RFT's and help stick to the road a bit better.

What would be the suggestion for my first mod to help the car handle better when im out Auto-xing... Or in what order would you piece together the suspension and with which parts to build the best platform on our cars to Auto-x.

I was thinking - DUH - Coilovers are your first mod, but as i read through all these threads, i am not so sure any more.... and if Coilovers are the first mod.... WHICH ONES???

Sorry for the long post - and thank you in advance for all of your help!!!
Check what your club allows.

Front sway bar is generally a mod that all clubs allow to run in a low class and not compete with people that have totally tricked out their rides.

or... Tires! Direzza star specs, Bridgestone RE-11's, or Yoko AD08's!