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Originally Posted by bdoooh View Post
I know this topic-ish has been beaten many times.. I haven't though found any of the threads that reference the an m-sport packaged 135i. I saw that a lot of people pair up the FSDs with the Eibach springs, but I think I saw that those people didn't have the m-sport package.. and I want to say I saw somewhere that someone said the m-sport springs are lower than the eibach ones? So I was thinking I would just pair the FSDs with the stock m-sport springs..

Now.. having the m-sport suspension, would the FSDs net any performance benefits?
The short answer to your question is yes. The biggest weakness of the 135's suspension is the dampening, or lack of it. It's designed to be soft to help absorb the road vibrations transmitted by the rft's. You really can't go wrong with getting them and ditching the rft's. The car will feel much more controlled.
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