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Originally Posted by Clovef View Post
Please look at what is allowed in each class and decide what class would make sense for you. Based off you winning your class with a 100% stock car I assume you are in SCCA and D stock so I am writing this with the SCCA in mind.
You assumed wrong.
He raced with the BMW CCA.

So, if you want to stay stock I would do an alignment and shocks.
He already has a tune which puts him out of stock even with SCCA IIRC.

Hold off on r-comps for at least season as it would be beneficial to learn to feel your car and your mistakes where r comps will hide errors. You can also dd street tires. Most of the national winners on street tires were on Dunlop Star Specs.
I agree. Star Specs or RS-3s as I mentioned.

I may not win nationally but I am building my car how I want it. I suggest you do the same. In that case I recommend decent tires, shocks or coilovers if you can afford them, camber plates,
Agreed on building the car you want. Which contradicts your first paragraph by the way. Since camber plates are so essential to making the 135i handle better on the street and off, I again have to disagree on any emphasis on coil-overs over camber plates.

If you want it to be easy to rotate the back of the car then maybe a square set up makes sense for you, just be aware you are not getting 1000 points with it.
You're not making much sense here, I'm afraid. A square setup is all about turn in, not rear rotation. It's been wildly successful on out cars as far as I can tell and I wouldn't want to go back to a staggered setup for sure.

Anyway, while I like a good discussion, let's not confuse the OP.

My recommendation remains the same: Alignment, tires, camber plates is all you need initially. That's a great setup to have fun.