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Originally Posted by MM135 View Post
I will most certainly be registering for the October Event as soon as it opens, so i will see you there for sure if not before...

i got Hankook Ventus V12's so hopefully they will work out a little better than the stock tires.
*Anything* is better than the stock tires . The V12s aren't great, but certainly much better than stock. If you still have a choice, again, Star Specs or RS-3 are much better.

Alignment - Do i do this Pre-Camber plate install or post?
Installing camber plates will require a new alignment. So if you plan on doing camber plates soon (which you should ), don't worry about the alignment first. If you're not doing camber plates soon, get an alignment first and ask them to pull the alignment pins on the top of the shock towers.

I won a GC to Midnight Oil so i will defiantly use them - What should i be asking for?
Ask Seth for his "go-fast" alignment

Camber PLates - What exactly do they do and why is there such heavy emphasis on these? Is there a recommended brand/set-up?
The 135i (and most recent non-M BMWs) has a very neutral camber setup (<1 degree). Camber plates allow you to adjust camber to a much wider range. For autocross you'll probably want around -2.5 to -3 degree camber out front.

This will do 2 things:
1. Your car will turn-in much quicker and handle better
2. Your tires will wear more evenly and you won't ruin the shoulders on your tires.

It quite transforms the handling of the car.

Mine are from TC Kline (who've just released a new model that looks interesting):

But most here recommend Ground Control:

Lastly - What about everything i have read about getting M3 Bushings, Arms, Sway Bars, etc...??? Is that stuff best kept for WAY down the line or just not as impactful as the things mentioned above??
I really would take it easy with the mods in the beginning. Trust me, between stickier rubber and *maybe* camber plates, you'll improve quite a bit - especially with additional seat time.

Again - I really appreciate you guys lending your time and experience to help me out! Everyone was a noob with this stuff at one point or another right??
Absolutely! I've done my first auto-x about 2 years ago and haven't missed one since .
I'm very happy to help out.