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Took my car in for new brake pads + new rotors. As i was waiting in the lobby to sign some papers, the tech called me outside for a few questions. The conversation went like this;

Tech : Where did you get these brakes installed?

Me : What do you mean?

Tech : The brakes are aftermarket, right?

Me : No, there factory Brembo's. I just got them painted yellow.

Tech : Oh, okay...(he had a confused look on his face)

Tech : One more thing, i would like to point out you might need new rims, there badly damaged. (pointing at the paint chips on the rims)

Me : Those are just paint chips, i painted the rims myself with matte black paint.

Tech : You did them yourself? Wow....those look amazing.

Me : Thanks.

Funny how he thinks my rims are damaged by just a few little paint chips on the side wall .

I also get the typical "It's a v6 right"? or "Whats a twinscroll turbo"?