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Originally Posted by MM135 View Post
Hankooks v12
I thought you could still change that?
Oh well - better than nothing

I think the October Autox it should be a lot better! That'll be it for now - until I get a few more under y belt an some solid seat time with that set up...
Excellent choices made! You won't believe how well the car is going to turn in now! This will really hold you over for a while. The more you learn and the more you push, the better you'll be able to identify exactly what you'd like to change next (if anything).

So with the camber plates - what should I run when I'm driving daily? I know go all the way to -3deg at the events, but what on the street?
I personally run almost -3 at all times, both auto-x and street. Go for a good in-between setup. Maybe -2.5 - -2.8 up front and -2 or so in the back (ask Seth for a good suggestion)

My tires show no abnormal wear on the street. In fact, my tires wear more evenly now. And this way you don't have to keep adjusting back/forth.