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Here is my recent post from the other Evolve thread:

"Long Post, WARNING!

So I just installed the Evolve Race with N55 midpipe today. First sample of this combo as far as I know. Also put the car on a dyno before the exhaust install in order to have a baseline and see what it makes stock. I can't post the pictures I took here and now plus dyno chart will be sent to me tomorrow or so by mail from the shop (very late here and shop closed later than normal just because of my car so...), in the meantime I plan to make a sound clip too and post everything packed together in a separate thread as soon as I have some time.

Here I got to say that it was great service and price from Evolve (thanks Imran) for such a fine product. I also found a gem of a workshop in Santiago and met some great people thanks to fellow Forum member ///Morgan.

In a nutshell, car performed as expected (butt dyno impressions) at the dyno, no more no less; it was a Mustang Dyno, and the operator told me that it really really reads low(er than people want to see) so I should not wait anything over 280 hp or so he commented, they had 2 1Ms there previously but for install jobs merely not on dyno, I told him that it will perform better and be closer to 300 than 280, my car has just 3100 or so kms., was a quite warm day (25 to 30 Celsius) but no humidity to speak of, acceptable but not ideal fuel quality (Shell 97 RON V-Power is best we have here, I assume it is somewhere between 91 to 93 US, or 95 to 98 Euro gas), M button pressed, DSC off, a total of three runs at 4th gear, all consistent, peak power was 294,2 hp and torque was 342 lb-ft at the wheels. If I follow what I keep on hearing and what the dyno operator suggested I should take it as minimum 350+ hp and 550+ nm of torque crank, confirming what I always thought, that the stock car is closer to 360 hp and 550-560 nm torque than the factory's official numbers. The real point is now I have my baseline and car will go for another dyno run there but only after I make around 500 km. with the new exhaust and I'll see if there is any change.

And exhaust: I know everyone rightfully will want a sound clip and photos and I will provide ASAP but I have to say it is exactly like I wanted it (and the stock car) to be: calm and understated when you keep it low and very rich and strong when you press it and there are lots of tones in between. It burbles all the time Drone was still present during my first drive back home but it is much less annoying (my car had a good deal of drone between 2000 to 2900 rpm) and at a narrower band than stock (like 1800 to 2300 and less in tone), much better to my ears. I can already say that throttle has a more natural feel (default setting, non M mode) and good response. Fit, finish all top notch and very light exhaust compared to stock (did not weigh it but I remember that Imran posted when they first announced it). Overall, very refined exhaust set up for half cost of some top priced ones and far from some one-dimensional products (I mean just making loud for sake of loudness), imo fits the 1M like a glove, an enhancement of the stock sound, polishing it wherever it really needs and preserving whatever was already good; only educated eyes and ears can (quickly) tell that there is something else down there. Together with my Michelin PSS set, the exhaust kind of complete the stock car's near perfect feel and give full satisfaction. Promise: next is a separate thread which will have essentially what you guys can see and hear."

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