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Originally Posted by phrenetiK View Post
i had the same problem of peeling on my front bro :\

you can even see it in my sig pic, look at the bottom right front vent and youll see the black mark
Let me guess, CPO? I've seen several CPOs have paint issues, mine came with a 2 ft scrape on the side skirt which BMW fixed up at no cost. However I've seen CPO cars come with "fixed up" bumpers, low cost paint jobs you can tell by the finish.

I have a feeling OP's car encountered "issues" at the dealer for whatever reason they decided to patch up the hood and slap a clear bra over it so any peeling, bubbling, or imperfections in the paint wont be noticed until clear is removed. Either that or they super glued that section of clear bra to your paint it bonded so well that section of paint just ripped off which is highly unlikely coming from a factory paint job.

Just my .2 cents
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