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1st anniversary upgrades

Well i have had my 1M for a year now and thought it was time for a little treat.. Iím not the massive tuning head i once was so these are only subtle improvements..

Since i donít seem much mentioned on the forum about them I thought i would put in my pennies worth..

Upgrades are.... H&R lowering spring, Miltek Exhaust and Forge FMI

H&R - As you would expect the ride is harder with around 30mm lowered at the front and 15mm at the rear. I also have 10mm spacers on the rear. This has drastically improved the confidence whilst cornering at speed, we have very slippy roads here and before the upgrade the back end has been hanging out all over the place. Itís a little harder to get the back out, I assume since there is more traction going to the road with less compression in the springs and body role.. when pulling out from a junction and trying to get the back out itís a more progressive slide rather than the snap that it used to do before.

Milltek Ė I just got the cat back without the DPís.. I wasnít looking for something loud but did want something that sounds deep rather raspy.. I got exactly what I want with a deep roar in the cabin up to 2000 rpm and not much change in highway or high RPM sound. Mind you I have not heard it from outside yet I guess itís about 15to20% louder all the way through the rpm range.. sounds great in traffic though going through the gears utilizing only a few 1000 rpms. I have not hear any other exhausts in the flesh yet.. Build quality is fantastic. Nice big pipes on the rear too!

FORGE Ė Primarily bought since I live in a hot climate and any extra cooling is always a bonus. Build quality is very good and seems to pull nicely through the mid range better than beforeÖif anything smoother..

Some pictures for you guys..
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