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Originally Posted by Mazza135icoupé View Post
Thank you very much Should i buy BMW pads or is there a better aftermarket?
Better is relative

There are many after-market pads that are cheaper, produce less dust and/or have better overall stopping power than OEM pads. Many after-market pads are also more consistent than OEM pads when they heat up.

OEM pads have two distinct advantages. One is guaranteed fit. Some after-market pads do not fit 100% and might clunk or squeak a little as a result. But more importantly I've yet to see an after-market pad with the same initial bite of the BMW pads.

I've been running after-market pads with really good results and am currently running after-market pads as well. While they are "better" than BMW pads 90% of the time, I still do miss the initial bite of the OEM pads.

So, your choice really