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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Is everything else stock in your car? Suspension, wheels? Tire rack site says PSS 295/30R19s have a smaller overall diameter than the 265/35R19s; 26 to 26.3 respectively. I was hoping that they would fit with no need to any modification to a stock car (this is a future project for me when I finish my actual stock size PSS rears). And how is the rubbing at the front or are you still with stock fronts? I am considering if I could keep the fronts stock size while upgrading the rears to your actual choice.
I have 265/30R19 in the front. Everything else stock besides JB4 and now CP-E charge-pipe. The front looks kinda silly with that profile, too much gap in the front. The rears are beefy and fill in the gap.

The traction is ridiculous. If I could get camber plates and fit a 275/35R19 in the front I would be super happy!