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Originally Posted by Blue55 View Post
Running a 265F / 315R combo aren't you concerned about understeer given the relative disparity in contact patch? I run RS3s 265F and 285R and it still understeers somewhat although it's not bad.
No real understeer that I cared about. I liked the way it handled. Not sure how I'd catch the 3.5 second the leaders had on me but I'm not alone in that mind set. I need to play with the KW settings too.

Originally Posted by Blue55 View Post
How does the 315 fit? I would think there is some bulging?
55 gallon drum of Crisco. Actually there are no issues with fitment. I was surprised too and happy. Especially for the Pro Solo launches.

Originally Posted by m3kerry View Post
Matt will have to answer that. I ran the 295 in the rear the whole year andwill probably run a set of 315's next year but the 295 is probably just right for the 10 inch wheel.
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