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Originally Posted by CGMike View Post
VHT spary works if you take your time and can wetsand. If you ave never painted anything before then I would not recommend it. It will come out looking dull and like crap. Body shops can usually tint headlights and taillights. I have a friend locally that does an amazing job with candy paints and clear coats them. He charges $200 a set but it is by far the best work I have ever seen. As soon as I get the chance, he is going to do my tails for me. he did the ones on my GTO.
Like he said VHt night shades is the best. But u do have to b patient. The first time I ever did it it looked terrible. Uneven runs and dull. But by the third time I had it down. By the time I did it on my last car I was so good I didn't need to take the lights off the car unless they were very odly shaped. Just taped around em with painters tape an news paper. But if ur n area where wind may blow take em off cuz u don't want overspray. Also throw a clear coat on em afterward. But ya practice on a piece of plastic or something first and if u screw up alcohol and elbow grease will take it off but the plastic of ur light will bea bit dull afterward from the alcohol. Also this stuff works great for like if u wanna make something blk chrome sense it's transparent when u paint silver surfaces the shine still comes through its pretty cool. Used it on grills and badging before for blk chrome look