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Originally Posted by Metralha View Post
Hey Dack,
one question,
does your car registration doc (sorry dont know the technical name in German) comes with 225/40R18 for front and 255/35R18 on the back?

Mine only allows 215/40R18 and 245/35R18!!

no problem in German to fit tire dimensions not indicated in the vehicle registration card?

I need to buy my Non RFT and its not easy to get the dimensions indicated.

215 its to forget... i will go for 225
245 its also dificult as more options are available with 255

Even though I have German plates... my registration is thru the US Army(I am a American)... so we are exempt from German TUV (process) and all. We don't have to go thru the same rules as regular Germans do. So that is how I can run those larger tire sizes legally.

So no, my car's papers do not specify what tire sizes, like German car papers would normally state.

When I ordered my 225/255 PS3's at my German tire dealer.... at first they said it was not allowed. Then they see that the car papers is thru the military and they say: Ok.

You could go with 225/245's and be fine for Germany. I think the guys in the 1er forum have found a way with the TUV to get that approved.