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I don't know that I am sharing any earth shaking knowledge here but I will put it out to comment.

The Car

Koni D/A's
H & R front swaybar
Hoosier A6's 265/295


60 foot times
315’s will fit in the rear
Great stock manual seats
Turn in on the stock parts was great, there are issues with it on the race car parts
Power is quicker to spool up than my dinan stage 2 car
Steering feel is good


Short wheel base makes the car off the pace in sweepers
Getting power to the ground

Random Thoughts

After market struts & shocks: My car worked better on the stock parts but I do believe it will be better than the stock setup with the right amount of time. I have Koni D/A on it.

Alignment: You have to get some front camber or R-comps will be eaten faster than ice cream by a fat girl with issues. I got 12 passes out of a $350 tire at one point this year.

Tires: With a 5mm offset you can get 265's on the front and the rear can handle 315's without rolling anything

Springs: I have to run the stock springs in the class I run in. I could use some more to help with body roll.

Sway bars: I have a e92, e93 and a H & R front sway bar. Right now I think I am over barred in the front due to not being able to move up in spring rate. This is causing some understeer and eating tires.

Jump in here if you are using your car and not using it to hold down a part of garage. Love to hear about your mods, setup and use of the car.