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Drives: 1 Series M Coupe
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After 10 months of commuting and random just go out and drive on the weekends I'm taking mine on a road trip I've always wanted to do. A week of pure driving from Atlanta to Acadia National Park hitting up as much of the Appalachians as I can, then up to Naigra Falls, across the Adirondacks, up and down Vermont and New Hampshire and then up to Maine. Might even cross over to Canadia.

Mostly stock just some minor cosmetics upgrades (OEM performance grills and pedals, black line taillights). Looking to add the BMS OCC and Forge IC at some point but that will be it as far as mods go. Just passed 12,500 miles on the ODO.

It's ridiculous how much I love driving this car. It is an ultimate driving machine.

Sorry, haven't hit a track or autocross... yet. But hope to at some point.
there is no effing automatic