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I still have my car in stock form and have found that it is a fantastically fun road car, beautifully balanced for driving 8/10ths on twisty mountain roads. Can't complain at all about stock power.

At the autocross, I feel like I am still trying to figure out the car. My best days (finishing in the top 1/3rd of cars, pretty strong competitors) were my first two days when I drove the car easily, staying well off the cones, gradually increasing speed as I learned the course. The last day I went, I got more aggressive and tried to extract everything out of the car that I could and it felt REALLY sloppy. I want to keep the car stock, so I am going to have to keep learning how to drive it the best way I can.

I am hoping to find some street tires in stock size that will be more forgiving, currently debating between PSS (best road choice), Advan AD08's (best autocross choice) and Potenza RE11's (seems like I will be the guinea pig on those for the 1M if I want to be). The PS2's almost seem to be heat-cycled out by my third autocross. I am also hoping to loosen things up front and try to take up all the slack to get more negative camber, and remove some toe-in front and rear to improve grip.

As for the track . . . maybe next year.