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As Metak correctly pointed out, the question should have been phrased differently, because "perfect" is indeed quite a stretch. IMHO "Living up to expectations of an ///M car" or "///M worthy" would have been a better wording, or, more generally, "fit for purpose".

Anyway, I do not dislike it, so I voted "perfect". Smooth transition when coming over from an M3.

In general, the thickness of ///M steering wheels has been hackled by some journalists. Though, Chris Harris considers it a requirement for an ///M car, but doesn't want it to be overdone. Check the video below about his expectations before getting behind the wheel of a 1M test mule in late 2010: 01:26-01:31 and 03:06-03:14: "[An ///M car should have] A different steering wheel, but not too thick please, because it got a bit crazy over the last few years."

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