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Dust no more....

Apparently the guy who decided what compound would be utilized in our brake pads had a very sick sense of humor.
I have never had a car dust so much before in my entire life!

So the other day after the car visited the local carwash as it does every other freaking week I had an odd thought.

To keep my bike from getting covered in dust from day to day use an older guy with decades of riding experience stated I should use good old furniture polish such as Pledge to bring out the color and to keep the dust off.

So after the car was washed and I spent another 15 minutes cleaning off all the residual break dust the car wash didn't get I gave it a shot. Took a bottle of the pledge anti dust spray and hit the rims.

And surprise surprise that was this past Friday and to today the rims look much cleaner than they did if I had not sprayed them.

It may not be a permanent solution but it does seem to help.