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Originally Posted by Dr_zito View Post
I will be in a track day here in South America on Monday and did not want to use the "normal" tires that came with the car 265-35-19, being the car 1 month old.
Instead I have an extra set of 245-35-19 (same as front tires) and was wondering what would happen to the car if I put these tires in the back, so I would have 4 tires same size: 245-35-19...
Can I damage the car?
Do I need to do something to the DTM button in the center console?

Excuse my "beginner" question, but I am sure you know more than I do.
For a starter, you won't have enough traction to stay safely on the track. Another detail, the 245/35R19 needs a min. 8 to max. 9.5 inch wide wheels to fit whereas your stock rear wheels are 10 inch wide, so you have more rim than tire, assuming you plan to do this with your stock wheels.