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Originally Posted by octainejunkee View Post
Trust me everyone on here will be able to confirm that you must get a running in service done at 1200 miles.
The BMW dealer should have told you as its essential.

From memory the diff, engine and maybe the gearbox oils are fitted with specific running in oil that must be replaced by a maximum of 1200miles.
The rear diff has 1M only oil so its worth notifying the dealership a week in advance so they can order it in for you.
Im sure if you do a search there is alot of info on here that will confirm it.

cheers jamie

"Awaits a hundred people confirming the above" lol
Totally true, OP you need to check the Sticky section of this Forum, you will find a "correct oils" thread. By the way, you should have 1M supplementary manual, a smaller size manual with specific info on the 1M. There, it is clearly stated that our cars need a 1200mile/2000km first oil service regardless of market/country. We all passed through fighting with our dealers and finally training them on this, sometimes after having wrong oils in our cars and repeating the whole procedure; so you may have some discussions ahead of you. Good luck.