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Originally Posted by firechicken99 View Post
SMH I've been told this before however I disagree..... I'm driving fast and at the edge of the factory PS2's (with not a whole lot of tread left) grip limits. I know the car can run faster, but I dont have the confidence for the tires to handle that speed. (personally very disappointed with the factory tires) Its also the reason my winter proj. is to save up for a set of Apex wheels and sticky icky tires for the track!

What I meant to say was Ive (at least for the crappy surface we hold autox on) seen much more tire damage/excessive wear from 12 autox runs than I have from a single HPDE day.
I have negative camber maxed out on my fronts and so do many other forum members who go to the track frequently and still have rollover no matter how much pressure is in the tires. To achieve max traction you need close to -2 degrees of camber.

I don't understand the bitching about PS2s. What have you run in the past that was better? The PS2s were the pinnacle all around high performance tire until the introduction of the PSSs.

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