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Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post
I have negative camber maxed out on my fronts and so do many other forum members who go to the track frequently and still have rollover no matter how much pressure is in the tires. To achieve max traction you need close to -2 degrees of camber.

I don't understand the bitching about PS2s. What have you run in the past that was better? The PS2s were the pinnacle all around high performance tire until the introduction of the PSSs.
They simply dont stick to the ground as well as I'd expect for a $450 "high performance" tire. And to my point, I was driving them hard but noticed many times them slipping earlier/easier than I would have liked.

Putting on flame suit....... can that degree of camber be easily/accurately adjusted with stock hardware or are we talking camber plate territory here? I have not dove into the suspension mods yet. Would it be detrimental to drive around more than just track days with that?