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Originally Posted by Metralha View Post
tires pre-ordered...

already saw the 225/35R18.... wwooooowwwww the got presence yes they do....

Next monday i will fit one front + one rear to check visually.

One thing it creaps me up is that the Michelin tires comparing to the rest of brandes, in the side they bend like no others....this is tipical from all michelin tires why??

I checked along with some S001 from bridgestone and theres no comparison
Congrats on the Michelin's! I am sure you will be happy with them. I still love mine!

One thing... my tires did rub a tiny bit when new. Only in the rear AND only when one of the rear wheels would go thru an entire suspension compression. It goes away though - I only heard that tiny bit of rubbing for the first 400kms. I think it was the "rubber strangs" from the tire mold rubbing on the inner fender liner. No big deal.

I am running the 225/255's on my factory wheels - they work just fine. So I don't see why you would need to test fit yours. ?