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Originally Posted by Ian///M View Post
Chill...but don't label me as a shit stirrer just because I don't go by the Akra boys fan club. I heard this and am entitled to my opinions.
I'll rephrase...., IMO Joe's setup sounds better than any system I have heard to date.... And no, I don't think the Akra sounds that good to my ears... too raspy, which is good coz I can't afford one.
Joe - sounds good dude very good....still interested to hear it in person but excellent choice.

Ian - alot of exhaust system systems sound good, including the Remus/madDads setup you have. Why argue of which one is better/worse and just enjoy the noise!!

For me the Akra works because the stock system just didn't do it for me and this offers the noise, performance, and the quiet mode for the wife