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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
This is basically what the 1M has underneath it's rear end. But the 1M has a hybrid driave shaft... M3 in the rear half, and 135i in the front half. How will you bolt up the M3 drive shaft>?

Also... I think you will have to flare your rear fenders because your rear wheels will be sitting further out (~2cm) plus, wider track.

You get a +1 in my book for going ahead with this project!


PS: stick with the OE M3 subframe bushings. They work just fine for the street and track. I have them in my 135i.
We will hook up the drive shaft the same way; 135i up front with M3 (slightly shortened) at the rear.

The halfshafts of the 135 and 335 are exactly the same, it is the offset that makes the difference. Peter/Skycat has done this swap on his 335i and the wheels fitted exactly the same as the stock halfshafts. So the 1er ET:52 should compliment the M3s ET:23