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Originally Posted by 1mPanda View Post
What can you say about motul 300v 15w50 if I continue to fill motul 300v 15w50 will be okay for the engine? or you recommend fill Castrol Edge 0w40 Long Life. I do't use a car in the winter time. Or maybe motul 300v but 5w30.

I think using Motul 300v oil in the summertime would be fine. I would not use it in the winter time. And you should not go with a long oil change interval with Motul since it is not tested by BMW for Long Life oil changes. I think changing that oil every 10K to 15K kms would be just fine. You sound like you are taking good care of your car - so I would just keep changing your oil before and after one of these "trips to Germany".

Here is what the BMW Full Synthetic 0w40 LL-4 oil that my BMW Zentrum sells for 23 euros PER liter(!) looks like:

As you can see... the above oil sells for 23 euros at my dealer(I have even seen it sell for 32 euros at some dealers!) but over on it sells for only 5 euros!!! (ok, different grade, but its the same oil!).

On the picture of your LL1 oil... I do not see where it says it is a "full synthetic oil" ? it kind of looks like the Dino oil that BMW sells for the non turbo models like the old 116i/118i's. ?

Perhaps on your next visit you should bring "a few" spare liters of oil with you. Btw... how many kilometers did you drive on your trip? Must have been a few thousand K's. ?