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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I think using Motul 300v oil in the summertime would be fine. I would not use it in the winter time. And you should not go with a long oil change interval with Motul since it is not tested by BMW for Long Life oil changes. I think changing that oil every 10K to 15K kms would be just fine. You sound like you are taking good care of your car - so I would just keep changing your oil before and after one of these "trips to Germany".
I change the oil every 5000-7000km and I not use a car in the winter time.

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
On the picture of your LL1 oil... I do not see where it says it is a "full synthetic oil" ? it kind of looks like the Dino oil that BMW sells for the non turbo models like the old 116i/118i's. ?

Perhaps on your next visit you should bring "a few" spare liters of oil with you. Btw... how many kilometers did you drive on your trip? Must have been a few thousand K's. ?
our dealer puts this oil in all cars even x6m or others M cars
but in diesel car, we fill LL-04 like on your picture

Before the trip I changed the oil in the motor (0W40LL01) gearbox and rear diff
it was on 2000km. When we went to Europe on the odometer has been 3000. then the next oil change I made on the way back on Nurburgring (9500km)

Moscow-Byelorussia-Klaieda-Kiel(Germany)-Nurburgring-Munich-Austria-Swiss-Milan-Venice-stelvio and other passes etc. On the way back a few more laps on Nurburgring on new oil total is about 8800km

Next year I'll send a car to Nürburgring by truck transporter.