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Originally Posted by kensington View Post
I have this exact issue on mine too. Took the wheel off, retorque with a calibrated torque wrench to 85-90 ft lbs. Went away for about 2 weeks. Then yesterday when taking a corner fast it came right back again a bit louder. Only on right hand turns. Im going to take the wheels off and retorque again when im back from vacation. If that doesnt fix it im going to take it in.
That's what would keep happening to me. BMW or someone else would take the wheels off, or just retorque the lugs, the issue would go away for a while, and then come back. The harder you corner, the louder and quicker the problem comes back.

Originally Posted by cdde323 View Post
I can confirm wheel theory, I had the click (6+ months of it)... got new wheels and tires... then I didn't have the click (immediate effect).
Yep, the noise would only come on for me when I was running my Breytons + Hankooks. Went through last winter and this summer with two sets of different wheels since then, and the noise hasn't come back.

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