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ALPHA-N // Carbon Parts Review // Pic HEAVY // Diffusor & Splitters

Here's my full review of the ALPHA-N parts I got for my car recently.

Table of contents;

1. The people at ALPHA-N
2. The company itself
3. The parts

First of all, lets start off with the people working at ALPHA-N.

Initial contact was with Alex at ALPHA-N, a really nice guy with a great service mind. Helpful in many ways and answers to e-mails and so forth quickly. Secondly I was forwarded to someone else at the company (after some while), this guy I don't know the name of, but I could hardly understand what he said to me since his english was as good as my brothers' four-year-old is (and he is form Sweden). Anyway, this guy left a lot to wish for service wise and made it hard to have full overview of the order process. Be prepared for Google Translate english and a lot of question marks when dealing with this guy. Since this almost became a deal-breaker for me, I thought you should know this. Also, this is my way of telling ALPHA-N to better these parts of their organisation.

2. Company itself.

The organisation behind all these parts doesn't seem to be as organized as one would hope for. I had to wait for my parts three+ months and was most of the time un-aware of what was happening to the parts. Every time I sent them an e-mail and asked why the parts were delayed, there was a "good" reason for why they weren't finished. I was told I had to wait a week for the parts, well didn't this promise change on the road?! First there was a lot of orders leading to some bottle neck effect in the manufacturing stage (10 day delay), secondly the carbon part oven cooker broke down (took like 2 week to fix), thirdly the paint shop had a lot to do (delay one week), fourthly the paint shop broke down (delay another 2 weeks or so), fifthly the paint shop got delayed even more.......and so on . I could paste my e-mails in here to clarify this, I however feel that conversation is something private between me and ALPHA-N. I thought, for the same reason as my recent topic, this is something you should know when buying the parts. Also, it's my way of explaining to ALPHA-N that this is not good. I did however get compensated for the delay, I got a discount of 2% on the initial price - generous

3. The parts themselves

The parts look simply superb. Fitment is perfect, finish is perfect and looks are just staggering. the exhaust tips from my Eisenmann Race canister lines up perfectly in every dimension. I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves. I were forced to take these snapshots in the evening, which weren't optimal. You'll just have to deal with the bad light. Mounting these parts were easy, the diffusor took the shop about fifteen minutes to replace, and the splitters were rather smooth fitting to the body. Holes had to be drilled and glue had to used (silicone glue), which naturally led to some time before using the car fully. Who cares though...


Will add more pics when my internet co-operates again.

Hope this is of help.
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