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Thanks everyone for the input. I'm at the point of no return. I settled on the DCT. I did some research with the service manager at my local dealer. I trust him since I've been going there for years and he and the other service advisors regularly go to the same track events as I do. In any event he said he has had zero reports of dct overheating in the 135. He has also been to the BMW performance school several times where the cars get pretty well abused and again no overheating. The clutch pack is very sturdy so that has never been a question. Btw it's the same clutch pack, but not the same trans, as in the new m5. He has seen some slipping on the clutch in supercharged m3s but other than that no red flags on the DCTs (smg he said is a different story).

In any event I did my homework and am comfortable with my decision. The DCT in my A3 Audi is quite addictive because of the seamless power delivery which is important to me when at the track with a turbocharged car. I hope that the bmw's is just as good and from what I've gathered it is.

Regarding changing my name from HeelToe to something else. I hadn't thought about that. No urgency on that though because my 323ci and my 330i are both manuals. Anyone interested in the 323. My driveway will be full pretty soon.