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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a
Originally Posted by hyphy1 View Post
Seems like the gold standard/best option for our 1series seeking a functional and lightweight strut tower brace.

I checked the website, its not available under M3 nor 1series. the picture is available under the category, but the item isn't shown.

still available?
idk. Give 'em a call. I remember reading HPA modified the M3 strut tower brace so it'd fit the 1 series. btw, it's a waste of money unless you need easy access to strut adjusters or track your car w/a stiff suspension. I wanted the access to adjust my Koni's, but I don't feel that the front end is stiffer w/the M3 brace.
If you have other mods that appear to stiffen up the car (front sway bar, coilovers etc) it's likely that you won't feel much difference.

On a car with completely stock suspension the difference is night and day. That's my experience anyway.