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Originally Posted by TXmtrhed View Post
I have been to the track 8 times since I received my car and always swap in race pads and tie back the brake sensors when I do. Last event was a couple of weeks ago. Car has less than 13,000mi and on the street I drive like the old man Iím becoming so all the hard braking is done on the track.

The dash display for miles remaining for front brake service kept decreasing at a fast pace even though my street pads were lightly used (rotors well within spec too).

Last week after the miles to go interval reached 950 the service light came on. So I took it to the dealer to have the service light reset which they were unable to do. They then replaced the brake sensor and the light still wouldnít stay off. So they replaced the pads and rotors which finally succeeded in turning off the light (their objective)! Fortunately the work was covered by the warranty so itís no cost to me but what a waste of money by BMW. Too bad they wouldnít let me keep the old rotors.

Now the service life remaining for the new front brakes is 4200 miles?! How is the brake service interval calculated? Surely itís not based strictly on wear as the original front brake sensor never touched the rotor. Does it use accelerometer data?

Anyone have similar experiences or an explanation?
sorry for going OT here but did your dealer not give you any trouble for needing new rotors and pads at only 13k miles and tracking your car?