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Originally Posted by firechicken99 View Post
1 & 2. I am sure others may jump onto this, but I dont really think so. You could try and inquire with the dealer if they know at all how it was used by the previous owner (track etc.) but I imagine that wouldn't know. Depending on mileage, where drive, etc. (you didn't state how much, just "low") do not be surprised if there are some small rock chips on the rear fender flares and the lower/front part of the doors. Angles facing the front tires are not rock road friendly Again this will be 100% hit or miss depending on the factors mentioned.

3. No. Enjoy the thing! It should still have its factory warranty & maintenance so you should be care free cost wise for the next several years. My M is by far the most enjoyable to drive vehicle I have every owned. Like a beautiful model it puts a huge smile on my face accompanied by an urge to get out and spend more time with her every time I go near it.

Thanks - to provide more info, the car has 1.5k on it - it was bought by an elderly gentleman who fell unfortunately fell ill (poor chap ) and was therefore unable to drive. The dealer tells me it has never been tracked, though like you say you never really know. Your right the mileage in combination with the warranty makes its a very attractive option, it should limit the cost of any consumables for a while at least.

I am really excited - just want to make sure that 1M haze doesnt take over on inspection / completion!