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Thanks - to provide more info, the car has 1.5k on it - it was bought by an elderly gentleman who fell unfortunately fell ill (poor chap ) and was therefore unable to drive. The dealer tells me it has never been tracked, though like you say you never really know. Your right the mileage in combination with the warranty makes its a very attractive option, it should limit the cost of any consumables for a while at least.

I am really excited - just want to make sure that 1M haze doesnt take over on inspection / completion!

Unless this old dude was the king of beating on new cars this thing should look like it came out of the showroom!!! sheesh lol the way you described your concerns etc. I was expecting at least 8-16k miles. LOL :bellyrol:

Be sure to keep yourself in check at delivery and inspect it with a white glove and a keen eye.... I know from experience it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to let the red 1M mist take over and drug your senses to the bone!!

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