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Originally Posted by TXmtrhed View Post
No trouble from the dealer since the pads and rotors were in fine shape. The only concern they had was keeping the service light from coming on. So they kept replacing parts. Why they replaced the rotors I have no idea but they had new ones in stock so they used them.

The thing that troubled me was their lack of effort in diagnosing the cause - they just replaced parts so they could go on to the next car.

I'm guessing the issue will be addressed again in short order when the service interval drops again.

Any idea what the remaining service life is based on?
I dont recall which thread, but do remember the fairly sized conversation about why they would do such.... Basically what it boiled down to is BMW is paying for everything and that price wise its cheaper for them to just replace those expendable parts than to spend additionally hours attempting to diagnose something.

It the best answer? No. But its the one that comes at no cost to us