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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
The seats do not look as great or special as most of us would like to see in the 1M, that is a fact. However, I find them close to perfect in the way that they deliver comfort and support, especially if you stick with the manual instead of power/memory seats (3 cm. less head room, quite heavier and adds no extra positioning, unnecessary cables and something else to go wrong in time, plus they cost). In fact, I feel like other than the "looks" I prefer them to E9X M3 seats, cause they are less bulky and very probably much lighter while providing the same kind of support. There was an interview back in the days of 1M's launch, that an M engineer or executive had replied to a question of why not selecting M3 seats to 1M, and he was saying that standard sport seats are considered to be more comfortable and fitting the 1M better by the M division. That says enough.

On the other hand, if we could have some seats a la Z3 M seats, in bi-color scheme plus half-alcantara half-leather, then yes I would feel more special about the interior of our cars.

I don't mind a bit that the gear box is not illuminated since I know where to put my gear lever without looking at it! Plus would it come in VO? I even found it juvenile these details in former M cars, like the lights showing you if you are at the green or yellow or red zone of revs or the shift knob. I am glad that 1M was considered more grown up than that. It is the focused and pure M, remember? We are supposed to drive it first and foremost.
In Australia our 1Ms came standard with the electric seats, I think I read in another thread that they could be lowered even further after some minor adjustments? I can appreciate the weight benefits, but I found that the manual ratchet adjustment for the back angle to be a bit disappointing in the 135i sans electric seats. It would've been nicer if BMW had fitted it with a wheel instead to provide essentially infinite adjustments.

I didn't know about the M division's comments about the seats, but that'll be one to keep in the armory should an M3 driver bad mouth my car in any way haha I found that the extra "bits" on the M3 seat didn't give me much extra support around the thighs and shoulders, PLUS I found the side bolsters didn't inflate to the same extent as those in the 1M, i.e. not hugging enough!

I suppose that I would've liked some thing extra to differentiate the seats between the 1M and the standard 1 series, although the orange stitching does help quite a bit. (I'm not feeling the 2 tone Z3M seats though)

You're right about the gear knob though, it'd just add wank-factor (but I'd still think it'd be awesome if they did it haha). The reflection it gives from the ambient lighting makes it looks pretty cool at night (when I have time to admire it).

Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
It is the focused and pure M, remember? We are supposed to drive it first and foremost.
Can't argue with that