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I have gone through the same thing I thought I loved the runflats but once I changed to M PSS it was awesome.. The price difference was huge... I had runflats on the front and nittos on the back a long time ago. The car drove like crap. (I only did that cus I had a nail and most shops think repairing a runflat is a bad idea. Also didnt want to buy 4 tires)

The best thing you can do is go buy a tire repair kit. (It had some goo in it and a pump) and the M PSS tires and you are set.

I have had nails on my runflats and didnt know it. I was running late for something and was pushing 95mph on the highway (I do not recommend this) but it shows how great the runflats are. But I was just sick of constantly replacing them. I had the car for almost 2 years and could have bought a used rolex for what I spent on tires. (FL has a ton of construction)

I pushed the Runflat pretty hard till the end cus i was so indecisive about what tires to get.
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